New Legislation Affecting Rodent Baits

From the beginning on 2013 new EU legislations will start meaning all poisons will be in smaller pack sizes.

Most rodent baits contain anti-coagulants such as Difenacoum or Bromodilone

Anti-coagulant baits with actives Difenacoum and Bromodilone will be subject to new EU rules 2012 / 2013 restricting pack sizes and application.

The following restrictions will apply to amateur use products:

  • Maximum pack size for amateur use is 1.5kg.
  • Loose bait must now be supplied in individual packs containing at the most enough bait for a single dose.
  • Maximum bait pack size is 50g for mice and 100g for rats.
  • For rat control, amateur baits must be used in only refillable tamper resistant bait stations.
  • Individual packs may be sachets or packs containing pasta or grain formulated baits.
  • Wax blocks can continue to be sold in bulk but must be applied in bait stations for rats.

As STV stockists all our baits will be within these new rules as STV’s largest pack size is 1kg.

The new STV bait packs will be 40g and suitable for both rats and mice.

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