Natural Instinct Frozen Food

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Natural Instinct is founded on the simple premise that dogs and cats deserve a healthy, biologically appropriate, balanced diet made from all-natural human grade ingredients with no cereal or fillers. We use only the very best DEFRA approved British meats and premium quality fruit and vegetables, ably supported by natural supplements such as spinach, sea kelp and Scottish salmon oil that combine to ensure a top-notch meal brimming with essential nutrients.


  • Dogs of all ages and breeds love it (a good starting point)
  • Stools regain their shape and are once again pick-upable!
  • Vitality and stamina often improves dramatically, even over a short space of time
  • They smell better (coat, breath and skin) and any adverse skin conditions clear up
  • Dogs on processed food diets need dental work every 2-3 years
  • Pets bloom with our food (i.e. exude vitality, whilst their coats retain their glossiness)
  • Pets on raw food are satisfied after their meal in stark contrast to dogs on a processed diet who get hyperactive and race around the house much like after an unsatisfying ‘junk-food’ fix
  • More variety in tastes & textures


Canagan Dog Range Now in Stock


Canagan Available in 2kg, 6kg and 12kg. Please ask for assistance.

Why Choose Canagan?

Canagan, provides your best friend with an array of biologically appropriate nutrients, picked one by one to give your dog everything he deserves and more. This highly digestible kibble will ensure to deliver optimum nutrition and great flavour, without the drawback of a high carbohydrate diet, making this food highly palatable.

Changing to a grain free diet has many benefits, such as a shinier coat, less allergies, increased energy levels, healthier digestive system and much more.

Due to the high amount of quality meat and benefical ingredients, grain free feeding can seem expensive to look at, however when you’re feeding considerably less to fill hungry tums your money is stretched a lot further.

Canagan, uses Sweet Potatoes as an alternative to grains as dogs find carbohydrates hard to digest. Providing a good source of soluble fibre, a slow, steady release of energy, and being packed full of vitamins and antioxidants, Sweet Potatoes are a beneficial ingredient to the Canagan range of foods.

Canagan is not only great because of the exotic and beneficial ingredients that are in the food, but also which ingredients are left out. As well as being a grain free diet all Canagan products are free of wheat, gluten, dairy, artificial colours and flavourings, bulking agents, growth hormones and chemical preservatives. Canagan is preserved naturally using mixed tocopherols, such as Vitamin E, absolutely no chemical preservatives here

If your dog suffers from bad skin, a sensitive stomach, allergies, or any other discomforts, Canagan could be the answer to help calm the effects or diminish them altogether.

Canagan In a Nutshell

  • Closer to their ancestral diet
  • Grain Free
  • High Meat Content
  • Over 60% Nutritious Animal Ingredients
  • Contains sweet potato, more digestible than grains with a low GI (Glycaemic Index) for a slower release of energy
  • Highly palatable – dogs absolutely love the taste!
  • Free of artificial colourings and flavourings
  • Preserved naturally
  • Free of dairy, genetically modified ingredients and growth hormones
  • Is proudly made in Great Britain
  • Contains a host of botanicals with a wide range of therapeutic properties

If you would like to talk to a trained member of staff regarding this food or any other products we sell call Wadhurst Pet Supplies on 01892 784 010

Ingredients & Nutritional Information

Ingredients: (Chicken range)

Freshly Prepared Deboned Chicken (26%), Dried Chicken (25%), Sweet Potato, Peas, Potato, Pea Protein, Alfalfa, Chicken Fat (3/1%), Dried Egg (3.1%), Chicken Gravy (1.6%), Salmon Oil (1.2%), Minerals, Vitamins, Glucosamine (1000 mg/kg), MSM (1000 mg/kg), Apple, Carrot, Spinach, Psyllium, Fructooligosaccharides, Chondroitin (700 mg/kg), Camomile, Peppermint, Marigold, Cranberry, Aniseed & Fenugreek.

Nutritional Information:

Protein 33 %, Fat 17%, Fibre 3.5%, Ash 9%, Moisture 8.5%, Omega 6 2.8%, Omega 3 0.9%, Calcium 1.86%, Phosphorus 1.42%.



If, like many cat owners, you have experienced neighbourhood cats coming into your home through the cat flap, you will know the stress they can cause, both to you and your pet.

Thanks to the SureFlap microchip cat flap, these problems are now a thing of the past. SureFlap reads your cat’s existing identification microchip, using it as an electronic door key, and because each microchip number is unique only your cat can unlock the door.

SureFlap is compatible with all European identification microchips and can store up to 32 microchip numbers in memory, so it’s ideal for multipet households.

Programming is simple and takes just a few seconds for each of your pets. Simply press the memory button and as soon as your cat puts its head up to SureFlap’s door, its microchip number will be stored to memory.

Now, whenever your cat returns home, SureFlap reads his microchip and unlocks the door. As soon as he enters the house the door locks securely behind him.

Available in white or brown, SureFlap runs on 4 x AA batteries, which last up to a year with typical use. It’s easy to install and fits straight into the hole left by many existing cat flaps.

Thousands of cat owners have already chosen SureFlap to protect their homes and pets from unwanted intruders. So, if you want the peace of mind that only your cat has a key to your home, buy a SureFlap microchip cat flap today.

  • Learns your cat’s existing microchip.
  • Compatible with all common microchips.
  • No collar required.
  • Battery powered
  • Stores up to 32 mivrochip numbers
  • 2 Year manufacturers guarantee
  • Can be fitted into all doors, windows and walls.


RMG Wildlife Greetings Cards

green woodpecker

7X5 inch Greeting Cards featuring photographic images of some of the UKs most popular wildlife. The back of each greeting card contains information about the featured bird, mammal or butterfly, including its latin name, as well as having a smaller version of the front photographic image. The inside of the greeting card has been left blank for your own personal message. Printed on 300g board and supplied with envelope wrapped in plastic.

Wildlife Birthday Greeting Cards

fox in snow7X5 inch Birthday Greeting Cards featuring full face 7X5 inch photographic images of wildlife from the UK and abroad. The front of each greeting card has the message Happy Birthday, while the message inside reads “Wishing You A Very Happy Birthday”. The back of the greeting card also contains a smaller version of the front photographic image. Printed on 300g board and supplied with envelope wrapped in plastic.


KONG — Because Dogs Need to Play.

Dogs never stop finding ways to have a good time, and KONG gives you and your best friend more fun per square inch than any toy on the planet. So what’s the magic?

We are committed to quality. Everything we make is the absolute best it can be without any corners cut, ever.

We take pride in being an original. Like our Classic KONGs, made with natural KONG rubber, it’s the reason people and pets all over the world know KONG by name.

We know dogs need variety. It’s a fact: dogs get bored, just like we do. So KONG has toys in all kinds of shapes and sizes. We keep the healthy play coming — and we never stop innovating.

Safety is always at the top of our list. We would never make a bad decision for your best friend, period.

A lot of thought goes into making KONG the best choice for your best friends.


We ar enow stocking a large range of the increasingly popular Animology grooming products.

The Award Winning Range of Pet Shampoos and Sprays. The principle of the Animology range is simple – to make top quality grooming products that deliver excellent results, at realistic and affordable prices. Animology dog shampoos and sprays are used by professional groomers and award winning show dog owners alike, including several prize winners at Crufts.


Symply Pet Food

The healthiest natural dog food on the market today.

  • Proudly made in the UK
  • 100% natural, healthy ingredients
  • No artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives
  • High meat content for greater taste your dog will love
  • Better nutrition – feed less and save money
  • High levels of healthy Omega 6 for healthy skin and coat
  • Great for dogs with sensitive stomachs

Why Symply?
Using only the best possible natural ingredients, Symply will help your dog or cat grow into a healthy, happy life-long companion.

With over 40 years experience in the dog food industry, the Symply owners, passionate about their own pet’s health and quality of life, have set out to perfect their own range of natural dog food and cat food by hand-picking the very best ingredients on offer.

An in-depth understanding of the common problems dogs may suffer (for example, itchy skin and dull coat, intolerances to certain foods leading to tummy upsets, extreme hyperactivity and associated misbehaviour) has influenced the choice of every ingredient in a bowl of Symply dog food. All of these conditions (and many more, besides) can be prevented with a diet of natural and healthy foods. All the ingredients found in the Symply range of both natural dog food and cat food have been carefully chosen for their health benefits – from our delicious salmon sourced from the Highlands of Scotland, rich in Linoleic Acid (Omega-6) , to our Great British meadow-raised lamb, a meat more gentle on the stomach for dogs who suffer from upset tummies. Each and every ingredient carries out an important task and is the healthiest possible option for that specific job.